Why Us?


– CIVIL COMPLEX LAWSUIT (Compliant & Defense Answer, or Response)
– DEMURRER/MOTION  ( Motion Demurrers, Motion to Dismiss or Strike and Opposition)
– MOTION PRACTICE ( Motions in Civil Action, Family Laws, Bankruptcy, Probate Hearing)
– DISCOVERY PRACTICE(Interrogatories, RFP, RFA, Civil Subpoena, Deposition )
– DEPOSITION PRACTICE ( Setup, Scripts, Mentoring, and Guidance)
– CASE SETTLEMENT ( Pre-Litigation, Pre-Trial Litigation, and Post Trial, Pre-Appeal)
– SUMMARY JUDGEMENT( Summary Judgement, Opposition, Appeal on Summary Judgment)
– COURT HEARING/TRIAL ( Readiness, Evidence Analysis, Litigation Mentoring & Guidance)
– APPEAL – ANY COURT ( Small Claims, State Court, Federal Court, U. S Supreme Court, U.S Tax Court)
CASE FLOW/MANAGEMENT ( We can manage your case as your “Authorized LDA”)


1. Legal Document Preparation / Service of Processor ( Simple to Complex A-to-Z Civil Litigation )
2. Income Tax Services ( Personal or Business Tax Planning, Preparation & IRS Disputes, U.S Tax Court Litigation)
3. Asset Protection ( Risk Analysis, Planning, Untouchable Shielding, Lawsuit Proof-Protection)
4. Pre-Litigation Debt Collection Agency ( Debt Collection, Settlements, Buy Debts or Legal Litigation)
5. Insurance Claims Dispute Resolutions ( Dispute, Settle, or Litigate We give you moreover 50% compare to Attorney)
6. 3rd Party Dispute Resolution ( Private Mediation, Pre-Litigation Settlement & Demand -Save Costly Court Litigation)
7Cyber Security & Regulatory Compliance Audits ( Data Breach and Fraud Investigation, Cyber laws, Privacy Laws, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR)
8Business Operations /Tax and License Compliance Audits ( Business Risk Analysis, Fraud Detection, Compliance)
9. Pro Se (Self-Represented ) Litigant Training (A-Z  Litigation, education, personalized training, and support)
10. Pro Se Litigation Full-Case Management ( Full Life Cycle – Pro Se Civil Case Management, Jury Trial or Appeal Preparation )
11. Cyber Lawsuit -Data Breached, Theft( Forensic Investigation, Damage Analysis, Mitigation Controls, Pre-Litigation Settlement, and Complex Litigation)