About Us

There is no such meth of hiring  “Super or Top Rated Attorney” on your case to “Win”.   Fair-Justice is Given by Court of Laws on the Material of Facts, Code Violation of Laws or Regulations, and Memorandum of Authorities, not on the fact that you hire the most costly expensive and fancy law firm or an attorney. We have a unique set of expertise, talents, and a team of legal professionals who can help you achieve your legal goals in any area of laws in State, Federal, Court of Appeal and 9th Cir Court of Appeal at most economical cost.

You (Pro Se) can be the best lawyer if you have hope, faith, believe, trust and a burning desire to fight for justice. 

Our Legal Document Prepared Products, Drafted, Filed, and Presented in Court of in U.S Supreme Court, 9th Circuit Court, California Court of Appeal, Superior Court, Federal Court, and even Small Claim Courts. Why not in your case at an affordable cost.

Federal District Court, San Francisco, California
Hon. Richard Seeborg, District Judge
Hon. James Donato, District Judge

Federal District Court, Oakland, California
Hon Saundra Brown Armstrong, Senior District Judge
Hon.Jeffrey S. White, District Judge

Federal District Court, San Jose, California
Hon. Beth Labson Freeman, District Judge
Hon. Lucy H. Koh, District Judge
Hon Nathanael Cousins, Magistrate Judge
Hon. Susan Van Keulen, Magistrate Judge

State Superior Court Judges (San Jose & Alameda County)
Hon. Kimberly E. Colwell, Oakland, CA
Hon. James L Stoelker, Santa Clara, CA